Hello, Hola, Olá, Hallo, Hoi, Salut!

4 & 9 Day Retreats

Know us

Our Values

  • We are WOW Through Service (efficient, repable, amicable, helpful)
  • We are Passionate (and Determined)
  • We love Growth (and Learning)
  • We are Adventurous (Creative, and Open-Minded)
  • We are Teamwork (and family spirit)
  • We Build Honest Relationships (Open and with good Communication)
  • We are Excellence (in all we do)
  • We are Social Responsibipty (help others)
  • We Embrace Change
  • We Collaborate and Celebrate

Our History

The idea is born out of living passionately, experimenting, learning & sharing stories over travel and adventures that make you come alive. We love Guatemala and want to share her treasures with you.

Our Mission

To co-create the dream, where all our communities flourish, combining business, social impact and quality.

We are Teamwork

Meet Us!

Nicole Vayssier

Greetings from a third culture kid = born and raised everywhere, breaking stereotypes. I absolutely love travel, and believe it makes your soul richer. I love speaking languages and navigating my way through new places I visit, meeting people and hearing about their experiences. This is me on the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal, a fantastic experience... I know I will return here soon again!

Co Founder and Business Developer


Australian born to Italian parents with the soul of a nomad. From near conception I have been an avid traveler and adventure seeker, having slowly explored 50 countries and have at least another 50 on the list. As an ex-restauranteur I find that the heart of a place is through its food and its people that ties the local custom and culture together. I hope to share the secrets of these travels that I have uncovered throughout Guatemala for an extraordinary one of a kind experience.

Co Founder & Director

Jean-Marc Vayssier

I am a creative thinker, curious about the intersection of technology and global trends, bringing the arts and technology together. I enjoy connecting people with ideas, collaborating with entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, and others that seek to create a better world. I am a world traveler & adventurer, active surfer, diver and sailor working to protect our seas.

Co Founder & Operations

Francisco García

Technology is my passion, I am currently developing software for the tourism industry and being a connection between visitors and our communities. I enjoy being a support for tourists from the technological side providing them with simple tools so they can access the different destinations of our country and the region.

Tech Guru & Community Liaison