Are you traveling to Guatemala soon? Great choice, it is an amazing country and one experience you will never forget.

In order to prepare for your travels and this epic Guatemalan Experience, here are some tips and recommendations so you can begin planning and organizing to travel to the ¨Land of Eternal Spring!


You do not need a visa for travel to Guatemala for trips less than 90 days. Please make sure that your passport is valid for another 6 months from your travel date and keep of photocopy with you in your luggage.

Traveling & luggage

Our travel experiences and retreats initiate in the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO Heritage Site. We are located in the middle of the valley between mountains, volcanos and Antigua’s cobblestone streets which are not so comfortable for rolling luggage or walking in heels (!) Nonetheless, our comfortable transportation will move you and youe luggage where you need to go.

To walk around in Antigua or other areas, we recommend a day pack/tote with a zip or that can be fastened easily for safety for our activities during the day to hold your money, camera + personal belongings.


Guatemala has moderate temperatures throughout the year, the sun shines everyday. Our coldest temperature can be around 50F/10C but this is mostly during Christmas season and usually during the night. On average, our day time temperature oscillates around 70F / 21C.

Clothing & Shoes

For our adventure and yoga experiences, Guatemala is the perfect place set in her raw natural beauty. We suggest comfortable clothing and footwear to relax into the tropical mood. Don´t forget your bathing suit as Guatemala as ample opportunities for swimming – Caribbean coast and Pacific black sand beaches, Semuc Champey waterfalls, Coban river rafting or even paddleboarding in Lake Atitlan or in Paredon. You will certainly need this for the Mayan spiritual ritual and cleaning practice – temascal, also know as a Mayan sauna.

Evening the temperature always drops a little, unless you are on the coast so we suggest you bring long sleeves for evening time to cover up, light sweater and long pants. Rainy season starts in June so, bring a rain jacket.

Items to not forget

  • If yoga is your thing, feel free to bring your mat. This is a personal experience and journey and therefore having your mat is essential. If you prefer for us to arrange one here for you, please let us know. If you need ant other specific equipment, please message us.

Drinking Water

Drinking filtered water is available in Guatemala in most places you visit and is save for drinking. Bottled water is also always available for purchase at any small shops, cafes, restaurants. Although we do recommend you bring your own bottle to fill up, stay hydrated and reduce our print on the environment. You can also buy a colorful bottle with a fabric strap in Antigua.


We offer private comfortable transportation to take you safely to all our destinations and back.


ATMs are a safe and easy way to get local currency (Quetzales) in Antigua Guatemala with many banks available for taking out cash. We advise that you speak with your banks on the capabilities of your personal cards and the associated costs for cash withdrawal and exchange. Normally the daily limit on withdrawal is approximately USD$250. We also advise to have a back up of US cash if there is a problem with using your card.


While you are in Antigua Guatemala it is perfectly fine to use your debit card for purchases in restaurants or formal shops, however, we do also recommend you bring cash with you as this is much easier, because most likely you will want to purchase items and visit the market where you can bargain and buy souvenirs. You are able to pay with US$ (high exchange rates incurred) but we recommend you exchange currency at the airport or at a bank in Antigua Guatemala. In order to exchange currency you must present your passport at the bank in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua is the recommended place for you to handle all your money transactions because it has many banks available, including Western Union, as well as cash points.

For the optional activities, these you will go ahead and pay with cash so please consider these arrangements.


If you are requiring any ongoing medications or herbal supplements we advise you to take these with you from your home country. If carrying prescription medications we advise that you have a letter from your doctor whilst moving around in case there is questioning from customs.

Travel/Motion Sickness:

We will be traveling on safe roads in a safe vehicle whilst moving around Guatemala however if you are sensitive or prone to travel sickness or boat sickness then we would recommend that you take your normal precautions for this.

Stomach Bugs:

Whilst we will always be eating at safe places, and haven’t experienced any problems, there is always potential to be sensitive to the changes in stomach microbe whilst eating in a different country. We recommend carrying a few precautions to have a comfortable travel, such as SB probiotics for travelers diarrhea and activated coconut charcoal for nausea, diarrhea, or any other supplements or medications you may need.

WIFI and Connectivity

The purpose of our experiences is to disconnect and reconnect to Guatemala’s tropical landscape and ourselves over this period of time. While wifi connection is available, we do encourage for you to take a digital detox as much as possible to connect with the amazing surroundings and experience. Finding and experiencing ‘presence’ before returning to our lives and routines is all the difference!

A general packing list

  • Comfortable travel clothes and leisure wear
  • Yoga and hiking clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Rain coat
  • Light sweater, long sleeves, jacket, long pants
  • Bathing suit
  • Day pack
  • Walking shoes/sandals/flip flops
  • Passport
  • Money for souvenirs, optional activities, any additional snacks or drinks
  • Yoga Mat
  • Quick dry towel
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Insect repellent
  • Any personal medications/supplements
  • Stomach/nausea/travel sickness precautions

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