Walk through time

La Antigua Guatemala

The jewel of colonial Guatemala, Antigua’s importance and beauty is still as captivating as it was five centuries ago. Its location in the Panchoy Valley makes it the focal point of diverse Mayan cultures and a Spanish architectural legacy - all set to a majestic backdrop of the Fuego, Acatenango and Agua volcanoes. Offering not only exceptional textiles, hotels, an excellent choice of local and international cuisines and culture, but also a starting point for hikes of Acatenango (3,976m) to witness the awesome power of its neighbour Fuego’s eruptions; to explore Antigua’s cobblestone streets is to understand Guatemala’s fascinating past. Plus, at least for us, there’s no finer end to a day in Antigua than a sunset stroll through the central park, accompanied by the smell of bougainvillea and pink skies, as families come out to sit by, and enjoy, the gorgeous fountain together.

These are just a few of our personal favourites:

  • Cerro de la Cruz - an elegant hillside viewpoint with stunning views of Antigua
  • San José el Viejo - perhaps the most ornate church ruin in the city
  • Las Capuchinas - an 18th century church and convent
  • Santo Domingo - once one of the largest convents in the Americas, and now a beautiful hotel
  • The Palace of the General Captains
  • The Convent and Arch of Santa Catalina
  • Antigua’s Central Park
  • The Municipal Market
  • The Old Cathedral of Guatemala
  • The Museum of the University of San Carlos

Did you know... that the distribution of the city was made at 90 degree angles like the classic square cities that resemble a chessboard? The person in charge of this layout was the Royal Engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli, establishing as a central point the Plaza Mayor, to the east the Cathedral of San José, to the south the Palace of the Captains General, to the west the Portal of the Panaderas and to the north the City Hall Palace.