Guatemala is a place of diverse narratives. One interpretation of its very origins is steeped in Mayan culture and the Popol Vuh (arguably the most important Mayan text), with the belief that the Maya people were created from maiz (corn). Meanwhile archeologists, geologists, and volcanologists from across the world paint an entirely different picture of our Guatemala. However, the truth is that to understand our country, we have to really immerse ourselves in its mysterious culture, its immortal nature, and its gracious people.

From the Pacific mangroves of El Parédon to the Caribbean Castillo San Felipe, and from the peak of Acatenango (one of the largest of our 32 volcanoes) down to the bottom of Atitlán, Guatemala’s energy resonates through 17 million people, 23 indigenous groups, and six distinct languages. With a whole host of UNESCO protected sites, lush jungles, bustling artisan markets, and honored Holy Week processions, our Guatemala is brimming with adventures, experiences, luxury, and learning.

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