Dive into

Lake Atitlan

As mesmerizing as it is ancient; Lake Atitlan has captured imaginations for thousands of years. For us, very little compares to the sunset as the vast blue water merges into a horizon dominated by ‘The Three Giants’, or the Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro volcanos.

Today the lake is also a major destination for adventure travel, as well as those interested in educational travel, permaculture and yoga, with organizations such as Atitlan Organics and The Yoga Forest leading the way. Cooperatives such as the women weavers co-ops in San Juan La Laguna, are also doing amazing work to support indigenous women, and build stronger communities through artisan production.

When we're at the lake, we love to:

  • Visit the 12 indigenous Mayan villages around the lake
  • Hike the Cerro de Oro (Golden Hill) for exceptional views
  • Kayak and paddleboard
  • Join in with yoga in San Marcos
  • Hike the San Pedro Volcano
  • Check out the community murals in Santa Catarina Palopó
  • Take in the bustling market in Santiago
  • Hike The Indian’s Nose - a 30 minute summit for an amazing sunrise over Lake Atitlan
  • Check out the textiles dyed with natural roots, leafs, fruits and vegetables in San Juan’s women’s cooperatives.

Did you know... that you can practice yoga, kayak and paragliding at Lake Atitlan? There is a variety of activities for cultural immersion, health and adventure.