Soak in

Semuc Champey

Revered for its rugged landscape of lush tropical jungles, caves, and turquoise rivers and lakes, Semuc Champey is the unrivaled paradise of Guatemala’s central region. In fact, in the Q'eqchi' language, Semuc Champey signifies ‘Where the river hides under the stones’, a reference to a 300m limestone bridge which extends out over the Cahabón River. Its dazzling crystalline waters draw thousands of adventurers every year to spend a day swimming and relaxing. The area also forms a preserved habitat dedicated to the protection of Guatemala’s illusive national bird, the Quetzal.

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Did you know... Semuc Champey means where the river hides under the stones, it consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabón River. Atop the bridge is a series of stepped, turquoise pools, a popular swimming attraction.