Uncover a lost world

Flores and Petén

The spectacle and importance of Petén and its surrounding areas cannot be stressed enough. A tour of Guatemala’s northernmost department will encompass UNESCO’s Tikal National Park, vast archeological sites and, of course, El Mirador: the largest pyramid of the Mayan Empire and the world. As well as ancient structures and monuments, intrepid travelers can also hike the Indiana Jones-esque 100 km Carmelita-Mirador trail: a 5-6 day adventure through ancient jungle, offering a unique opportunity to hear howler monkeys in sunset canopies, in the natural home of the jaguar.
The gorgeous town of Flores also offers a superb base for your adventures, allowing you to comfortably realise the depth of the region’s history, as well as the variety of its natural reserves. Flores and El Petén represents a major experiential travel destination due to its opportunities for adventure tours, bird watching, and Mayan archeology.

Whenever we’re there, we love to check out:

  • Yaxha National Park for its history and archeology
  • Uaxactun because of its Mayan monumental and archeological site
  • Crater Azul for its isolated turquoise lagoon and subaquatic garden
  • The untouched Lake Petén Itza - Guatemala’s second largest lake.

Did you know... Tikal has long been a favorite of Hollywood because of its seemingly endless jungle, and was even used as a location for Star Wars: A New Hope.